Sunrise Snowshoeing at Mount Baker

When sunshine beckons in the midst of the Washington rainy season, many locals can't refrain from getting outside. The biting cold may have me craving my cozy couch and cat, but a clear weekend deserves celebration. A passionate person, I want to explore anything I get curious or dream about. My feet and soul are restless. Luckily my encouraging friends and family are often up for the adventures too. Realistically it's their fault I am this way! Mostly we're lost and stumbling forward, sometimes in awkward or dangerous situations. Not very graceful, but somehow it ends fine and is a beautiful journey along the way. Is it worth suffering through self-induced trials for memories of timelessness, excitement, and strength? Is that success of endurance considered perseverance or luck? I didn't know what I got in for with this hike, but it paid off when I reached the pass and caught the first light of day waking the mountains here in the North Cascades. This is what they call Type 2 fun.

A photo taken from the top of the Blueberry Cat Track at the Mount Baker Ski Area, of a pink and orange sunrise coming up on the eastern side of Mount Baker and the western side of Mount Shuksan still dark.

A photo of the Blueberry Cat Track in the Mount Baker Ski Area, with Mount Baker glowing in the distant sunrise.

On this day, from spur of the moment inspiration reading a prediction for clear skies, I rolled myself into my car early (4:30 am early) and headed for the highest place I could get to for some sunrise snowshoeing. My planning is never extensive. Even with how abundant our state remains during the harsher seasons, the ceaseless drizzle and mud, the cold and short days, and the grey color scheme can make it too easy for me to stay inside. But separation from nature isn't good for anyone, so I couldn't waste the oppo