Falling in Love in Yosemite

A photograph I took while in the drivers seat of my car, in the middle of the Tioga Pass road. Sharply angled granite slopes upward on the left, and a dome surrounded by forest sits ahead to the right, with a blue sky and clouds overhead.

A photo taken through my windshield while driving over Tioga Pass in Yosemite National Park.

Yosemite cliffs reverberate with echoes of legends, an immensity felt throughout California. Peaks of the Sierra Nevada are sheer against the surrounding deserts. Fields of wildflowers, grasses, gnarled oak and grand conifers endure harsh seasons for spring, celebrating sunshine dancing across the hillsides. After graduating college in with a Bachelor of Arts and an open mind, I condensed my life into a Subaru Outback and left Washington with a cashier position waiting in Yosemite National Park.

I found myself in meadows along sandy river shores, gazing up at infinite granite painted by waterfalls, or scrambling among manzanita and laurel on many winding trails to see how far I could go. Long days extended deep into night with the Milky Way always illuminated by the cliff's reflection. My coworkers amazed me most, an eclectic mix of adventurers from around the globe, called to this temple for some reason or another. Many secrets are known only to the valley, but this is the story of my perfect summer; six months of hard work, adventure, and so much love.