"to seek the sea with music or migrate to other climes in clouds..."

                                                                                                       - Henry David Thoreau, Walden

My Story 


My name is Katelynn Manz and I'm a daughter of the Salish Sea, a native of the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. The Pacific Northwest is a diverse region of conifers, wild berries, wildflowers, glacially cut peaks and shoreline, rich farmlands and wetlands, eroding bluffs and coulees. I’m forever grateful for our lives exploring here; these coasts, every valley, estuary, inlet, and tide. Each summer growing up, my family would vacation inland, spending several weeks exploring the back roads, trails, fishing and swimming holes of Eastern Washington. Constantly I went hiking around the state. I’ve inherited an addiction to travel and movement, imparted by backpacking trips with my dad to Central America and Thailand, or wanderings in the backyard with my mom.


I grew up in the dysfunctional Navy town of Bremerton, a beautiful one hour ferry ride away from Seattle. Forests abound, the waterways provides seemingly endless shoreline, and bridges connect neighborhoods with views of orcas or the Olympic Mountain Range. As a confused teenager, so close to the infectious music scene of Seattle, all I wanted was to mosh at local shows. Inspired by arts culture and wanting to get involved, I volunteered doing outreach with record labels, radio stations, and festivals. Eventually I graduated from Washington State University Pullman with a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities, studying English, Music, and Philosophy, with a conviction that being rooted in land and art are both therapeutic and required for health. Now I’m all organic and provide tips on living minimally and sustainably. My loves manifest in yoga, singing, running, writing, photography, and nature.


It was a long journey to figure out what I wanted, and to my minors in Business Administration and Public Relations. Recently I’ve done all scheduling, website management, content creation, and designing of outreach materials for the Computer Science Department at Western Washington University, where my reach is broad, and attention to detail and thought to accessibility and target audience is key.  I'm also a member of the International Association for Professional Writers & Editors and tutored in the WSU writing center. I’m hoping to continue developing my writing skills, both creatively and technically, so please reach out for commissioned work or tutoring! I'm a professional storyteller, experienced with content creation, web accessibility, SEO, web development, branding, public relations, event planning and promotion, copy writing and editing, layout design, and graphic design.


Contact me for freelance hire! 

I'm available to design marketing collateral, review writing, tutor, consult, or photograph!

If you have a question or would like to collaborate, I can be reached at weseekthesea@gmail.com

Nature cured me of my struggles, and showed me how to be my part in this connected universe. Now thanks to Vital Climbing Gym in Bellingham and Yosemite, and I'm excellent at belaying and attempting to boulder. I also have a scholarship for the American Alpine Institute, so stay tuned for clips from my adventures!​ 

I also support and have worked with the following nonprofits:


Access Fund

Washington Trails Association

Nooksack Salmon Enhancement Association

Washington Climbers Coalition

North Cascades Institute

Washington National Park Fund